Zilla Cricket Drink 16 oz.


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Small Animal: Reptile Vitamins & Supplements Ordinary water can be hazardous in a terrarium of crickets, tarantulas or scorpions, thanks to waterborne bacteria and the danger of drowning. Protect and refresh feeder insects and valuable pets with sanitary Gut Load Cricket Drink as a hydration source. Simply place pre-blended Cricket Drink in a shallow dish. It’s formulated with surfactants that allow insects to drink safely. Ideal for any size insect, from the smallest pinhead cricket to the adult tarantula. Choose standard Cricket Drink or a variety with calcium, a naturally palatable way to ease essential calcium into your reptile pet’s diet. Keeps feeder insects alive and safe from drowning, bacteria. Safe for all sizes, pinhead to adult. Ready to pour – no mixing needed. Royal Item Number: SRZ100011624. It’s a Central Garden & Pet – Aquatic Small Animal Products.

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