Zilla Cricket Drink W/Calcium Drink 26 oz.


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Keeps feeder insects alive and safe from drowning, bacteria. Safe for all sizes, pinhead to adult. Ready to pour – no mixing needed. Feed your reptile the healthiest, most active insects. Ordinary water can be hazardous in a terrariumof crickets, tarantulas or scorpions, thanks to waterborne bacteria and the danger of drowning. Protect and refresh feeder insects and valuable pets with sanitary Cricket Drink as a hydration source. Simply place pre-blended Cricket Drink in a shallow dish…it’s formulated with surfactants that allow insects to drink safely. Ideal for any size insect, from the smallest pinhead cricket to the adult tarantula. Choose standard Cricket Drink or a variety with calcium, a naturally palatable way to ease essential calcium into your reptile pet’s diet. Royal Item Number: SRZ100011823. It’s a Central Garden & Pet – Aquatic Small Animal Products.

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